Thursday, June 19, 2008

These recent photos of the inside of Harding Theater are by Rebecca McBride (See also "Left in the Dark")

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The two breaking stories on Harding:

Observer - 01/11/05 by Lubna Takruri
Neighbors Saddened by Harding Theater Imminent Demolition

SF Chronicle - 01/14/05 by Carolyn Jones
Developers, activists debate theater's worth

SF Bay Guardian - 2/2/05
Neighborhood Business: Offscreen drama
Who will win the fight over the Harding Theater?

Observer - 2/14/05
Harding Theater Plot Thickens

Observer - 3/8/05
Neighbors Rally Around Harding Theater

Observer - 4/13/05
Activists Developers Likely to Get Slice of Harding Pie

Beyond Chron - 04/13/05
Harding Feud May Be Resolved Soon

SF Examiner - 04/12/05 [this link no longer works]
Harding Theater Solution Proves Elusive

Bay Guardian - 02/02/05
Offscreen Drama: Who will win the fight over the Harding Theater?

SF Examiner - 01/31/05 [this link no longer works]
Jason Heil's Letter re the Harding

Bay Guardian - 01/26/05
Letter by Jim Siegel